Invitation to 2nd CSCB Training Course on Mouse Genetics and Phenotyping

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为响应习主席在十九大报告中提出“推动构建人类命运共同体”的理念,积极促进“一带一路”国际合作,由学会和南京大学模式动物研究所共用举办的“ 2nd CSCB Training Course on Mouse Genetics and Phenotyping   ”将于2019年9月16-21日在南京大学模式动物研究所举办。该国际培训班主要面向“一带一路”沿线国家和地区招收学员,但同时欢迎其他国家的学员参加。通过开办遗传工程小鼠应用与表型分析培训班,系统介绍小鼠作为人类发育与疾病模式动物的遗传学特征和应用,基因工程小鼠的培育和表型分析。本培训班将结合专业讲座和实验操作课程,帮助来自“一带一路”国家的学员加深对遗传工程小鼠基本知识和应用的认识,提升学员对小鼠模型培育和表型分析的专业知识和技能,从而促进遗传工程小鼠的发展和规范化应用,推动以遗传工程小鼠为工具的国际间合作,促进国内外生物医药研究的新进展。


培训班时间: 2019年9月16日-21日

拟招学员:共15名学员, 国籍来自“一带一路”沿线国家优先。




Dear colleagues:


The Chinese society for cell biology (CSCB) and the Model animal research center of Nanjing University in China are co-organizing a training course on mouse genetics and phenotyping this coming September. This training course is a part of the efforts on the "One belt one road" initiative, aims to help participants understand the versatility of mouse as an important model for studying gene function and human diseases, to improve the technical skills of participants in mouse phenotyping and histological analyses, to promote application and standardization of mouse genetics in international research community, and to facilitate the collaboration and innovation in biomedical advances using mouse models in the "One belt one road" initiative countries. The inaugural training course was successfully held in 2018 and was well received by participants from Thailand, Parkistan, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India.

We encourage graduate students, post-docs and early-career principal investigators from your department to apply. The deadlines for early bird and regular applications are April 27 and June 22, 2019 respectively. Based on the merit of application materials, some participants will be waived from the registration fee. You can find more detailed information from the attached poster or the course website ( Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or comments. 

Best regards
Zhaoyu Lin, PhD
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor
Model Animal Research Center
Nanjing University, China
Tel: (86) 025-58641598