The 6th Asian-Pacific Organization for Cell Biology CONGRESS(February 25-28, 2011, Manila, Philippines)

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"Challenges in Cell Biology: Health, Agriculture, Industry and Education"

Under the auspices of the International Federation for Cell Biology

25 - 28 February 2011
EDSA Shangri-La, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Deadline for
Abstract Submission &
Early Bird Registration
15 December 2010

Co-Organized by the:
Philippine Society for Cell Biology and the
Philippine Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Cell biology has been the cornerstone of advances in the life sciences for several decades, leading to the creation of several important paradigm shifts in biology, biochemistry, physiology and medicine. Cognizant of cell biology’s crucial role in global science and biotechnology, The Asian Pacific Organization of Cell Biology (APOCB) seeks to promote cell biology in research, education and industry by fostering collaboration among its practitioners. Every 4 years, APOCB brings together renowned scientists, specialist experts, seasoned and young researchers and academic people from all over the world in the shared pursuit of excellence in cell biology by holding international scientific meetings in various parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

The APOCB will be holding the 6th Asian-Pacific Organization for Cell Biology Congress on February 25-28, 2011 in Manila, Philippines. The theme of the congress is "Challenges in Cell Biology: Health, Agriculture, Industry and Education."

We respectfully invite you to participate in this conference and we look forward to meeting you in Manila in the forthcoming 6th APOCB Congress.

Filipinas F. Natividad, PhD
6th APOCB Congress


Plenary Sessions
Plenary lectures on Health, Agriculture, Industry & Education
Confirmed speakers:, Ken-ichi Arai, MD, PhD (Japan), Paola Castagnoli, PhD (Singapore), Leonard Herzenberg, PhD (US), Nobutaka Hirokawa, PhD (Japan), Ajay Kohli, PhD (India), Hisato Kondoh PhD (Japan), Eduardo Mendoza, PhD (Germany), Christopher W. Turck, PhD, (Germany), Keith Webster, PhD (US), Denys Wheatley, PhD (UK), and Kenneth K.-Y. Wu, PhD (Taiwan).

Scientific Sessions
Subject to changes and additions depending on abstracts submitted:
S01. Bioinformatics/Biological computing (Structural Biology and Molecular Systems Biology)
S02. Biobanking (Biobanking Protocols and QA/QC)
S03. Biotechnology (Bioreactors, Fermentation Engineering and Recombinant Expression Systems)
S04. Cell and Gene Therapy (Cell Biology of Immunity, Stem Cell Regulation and Dendritic Cell Therapy)
S05. Cell Cycle and Growth Control (Apoptosis and Cell Aging, Cell Cycle and Proliferation, Cancer Cell Biology and Growth Factors & Signal Transduction, and Cancer Signaling and Metastasis)
S06. Cytogenetics (Cell-bound HTS & HCS and Comparative Genomic Hybridization)
S07. Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility (Cytoskeleton, Extracellular Matrix and Cell Molecular Dynamics and Assembly)
S08. Cytotoxicity (Hepatotoxicity & Drug Safety, Cardiotoxicity and Drug Screening Assa)
S09. Developmental Biology (Cell Differentiation & Development, Organogenesis, Mammalian Development and Invertebrate Development)
S10. Experimental Animal Science (Transgenic/Knockout Models, Pathophysiology of Disease, and In-Vivo Models of Gene Expression)
S11. Host-Pathogen Interaction (Protozoan Infections, Bacterial Infections and Virus-Cell Interactions)
S12. Immunology (Cellular Immunology and Vaccine Development)
S13. Infectious Diseases (Pathogen Biology and Molecular Diagnostics)
S14. Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity (Programs, Processes and Applications)
S15. Membranes (Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins, Cell-Cell Interactions and Endo- and Exocytosis)
S16. Neurobiology (Neurotransmitters, Peptides and Receptors Neurons and Glia, and Neuronal Synapse)
S17. New technologies (Cell and Tissue Imaging, Cell and Tissue-based Assays and Molecular Biology)
S18. Nucleus and Gene Expression (Chromosome Organization and Gene Expression, Epigenetics, RNA and Protein Metabolism, Functional Genomics and MicroRNA Biology)
S19. Organelles (Mitochondria and Chloroplasts, Secretory System, Endosomes and Lysosomes and Endoplasmic Reticulum)
S20. Parasitology (Parasite infections and Parasite Biology)
S21. Pathology (Cellular Pathology, Blood Analysis and Biomarkers)
S22. Protistology (Ciliate biology, Free-living amoebae, Zoonotic Protozoa and Protozoan Parasites)
S23. Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering)
S24. Science Education (Science Education, Teaching Cell Biology (Workshop), and Writing Scientific Papers (Workshop)
S25. Drug Discovery & Regulatory Issues
S26. Others

Participant *
Early Bird Registration (Until 15 Dec 2010): US$ 350
On-Site (After 15 Dec 2010): US$ 400

Student **
Early Bird Registration (Until 15 Dec 2010): US$ 200
On-Site (After 15 Dec 2010): US$ 200

Accompanying guest
Early Bird Registration (Until 15 Dec 2010): US$ 180
On-Site (After 15 Dec 2010): US$ 180

1. Register, 2. Pay fees, and 3. Fax or Email form and proof of payment.

• On-Line: Please fill-in the registration & payment form downloaded from By Email or Fax: Email or Fax the completed registration form together with proof of payment to or fax: +63-2-7260467

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• BANK TRANSFER or BANK DEPOSIT only using the following option choices. Pay in US$ to Bank of the Philippine Islands, St. Luke’s Medical Center branch, Swift Code: (BOPIPHMM), 3894-0101-25, under the name Filipinas Natividad. Email is, phone is +63-2-7260467.
• CREDIT CARD payments will be accepted during On-site Registration.

The total payment should be the sum of the registration fee, hotel deposit (at least one night), and workshop fee (if applicable).

All payments are to be done by Bank Transfer as follows:

Name: Filipinas F. Natividad

Address: Research and Biotechnology Division

St. Luke’s Medical Center

279 E. Rodriquez Sr. Blvd.

Quezon City 1102 Philippines
Telefax: +632-726-0467

Name of Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands-St. Luke’s Medical Center Branch

Address of Bank: St. Luke’s Medical Center

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Quezon City 1102 Philippines

Bank Acct Number: 3894-0101-25

Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

(Fax proof of transfer and Registration/Hotel Reservation Form to Dr. Filipinas F. Natividad at Telefax +632-726-0467 or e-mail scanned copies to and

Submitted abstracts related to the topics of the Congress will be selected for presentation as posters or oral communications. The scientific reviewers might suggest editorial modifications of the abstract.
Notice of acceptance will be emailed to the presenting author by 29 December 2010. Recommended method for submitting abstracts is on-line at the link found at


• 25 February, Friday, 6PM, EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Mandaluyong City

(2) CONFERENCE TOUR (Villa Escudero)
• Experience the allure of Philippine country life at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort. (A must see)
• 27 February 2011, Sunday, Depart at 1230hrs.
• Site may be viewed at

• 28 February 2011, 6PM
• St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City


(1) "Scientific Writing and Publishing for non-native speakers of English"
• Organizer: Dr Denys N. Wheatley, United Kingdom, President, Int’l Federation of Cell Biology
• Schedule: 8:30am to 12noon, 25 February 2011
• For application details, contact: Dr. Pierre S. Dimamay (

(2) "Teaching of Cell Biology"
• Organizer: Dr. Cynthia Jensen, New Zealand, Vice-President, APOCB
• Schedule: 1:30pm to 5pm, 25 February 2011
• For application details, contact: Dr. Sonia D. Jacinto (
• Limited scholarships will be available.


Secretary General:
Filipinas F. Natividad, PhD

Sonia D. Jacinto, PhD
Cynthia P. Saloma, PhD

Core Members:
Corazon C. Buerano, PhD
Ernelea P. Cao, PhD
Maria Celeste C. Cortes, MSc
Ma. Luisa D. Enriquez, PhD
Miguel Martin N. Moreno II, MD
Thucydides L. Salunga, PhD

Luzon: Ruben C. Umaly, PhD
Visayas: Ebonia B. Seraspe, PhD
Mindanao: Fema M. Abammo, PhD

Thucydides L. Salunga, PhD
Maria Celeste C. Cortes, MSc

6th APOCB Congress
Institute of Biology, College of Science
University of the Philippines, Diliman,
Quezon City, 1100, Philippines


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