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“The Ninth Jinling International Symposium on Developmental Biology” successfully held in Nanjing

The Jinling symposium on developmental biology was initiated in 2001 and is held every two years in Nanjing. The symposium aims to bridge researchers from China and abroad in the field of developmental biology, and to better understanding of organogenesis and novel strategies for regenerative medicine. This year, the Ninth Jinling symposium was successfully held in Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse on June 10-12, 2019. The theme of this year’s symposium is organogenesis and regeneration. More than 80 renowned scientists from China and abroad attended the symposium.

The symposium was organized by both Nanjing University and Chinese Society for Cell Differentiation and Development, CSCB, and was hosted by the Model Animal Research Center of Nanjing University, the State Key Laboratory (SKL) of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Nanjing University and the MOE Key Laboratory of Model Animals for Disease Study, Nanjing University with assistance from GemPharmatech Co., Ltd.

Dr Xiang Gao, Director of the SKL of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and the founding director of Model animal research center of Nanjing University, delivered the opening speech. Dr Gao expressed his personal passion in research into developmental biology and anticipation towards exciting scientific presentations and interactions during the 3-day symposium. The symposium was organized into five key topics, including: Reproduction and Early Embryogenesis, Regulation of Developmental Processes, Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration, Development and Diseases as well as Advanced Technologies in Developmental Biology. Young PI forum and round-table discussions were also the highlights of this symposium to facilitate exchange of ideas amoung young and senior scientists. A number of international speakers including Dr Peter Currie from Monash University in Australia, Dr Yang Hong from University of Pittsburg in USA and Dr Fengwei Yu from Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory in Singapore joined the symposium. During the symposium, a total of 37 PIs presented their research progress.

Along with the growth of developmental biology in China, the “Jinling International Symposium on Developmental Biology” has not only promoted the exchanges and collaborations between investigators in this field, but also facilitated long-term research progress of developmental biology in China.