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2019 Kunming International Cancer Research Symposium Successfully Held

July 24, "2019 Kunming International Cancer Research Symposium "was held by Kunming Institute of Zoology (Chinese academy of sciences) and the third hospital of Kunming medical university, the co-organizer is Chinese Society for Cancer Research, CSCB and Perkin Elmer enterprise management (Shanghai) co., LTD.

Famous experts and scholars attend to this meeting gathering to discuss the topic of "basic research and clinical treatment of cancer". In recent years, the incidence of cancer is increasing. This session invited domestic and foreign well-known scholars to share with us their new scientific achievements on the occurrence, development and treatment of cancer.

The experts present at the symposium are Dr. Mien-Chie Hung from China Medical University in Taichung / MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Dihua Yu from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Dr. Emily Wang and Dr. Gengsheng Feng from University of California San Diego, Dr. Feng Xia from University of Arkansas, Dr. Jianming Xu and Dr. Yi Li from Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Wenyi Wei from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Bohua Yang from University of Toronto, Dr. Jingdan Yu from Northwestern University, Dr. Shiyong Sun from Emory University, Dr. Zhenkun Lou from Mayo Clinic and Dr. Chuxia Deng from University of Macau.

Experts at the conference reported the latest progress in their respective research fields, including the new targets and treatment methods of tumor immunotherapy, the mechanism of breast cancer brain metastasis, non-coding RNA, the correlation between pregnancy and lactation of breast cancer incidence, the new clinical treatment of cancer, and other frontier hot spots were reported.

In addition, the organizers of the conference are Dr. Ceshi Chen, Dr. Yongbin Chen and Dr. Baowei Jiao from Kunming Institute of Zoology. About 130 delegates attended to the conference, during which they gave speeches and held heated discussions with experts. Graduate students from Kunming Institute of Zoology benefited a lot after a day's study.