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The 5th Asian Chronobiology Forum hosted by Chinese Society for Biological Rhythm-Chinese Society of Cell Biology has come to a successful conclusion

on 15-19 July 2021, the 5th Asian Forum on Chronobiology(AFC), organized by Chinese Society for Biological Rhythm-Chinese Society of Cell Biology (CSBR-CSCB), was held in Kaifeng Kaiyuan Conference Center. 360 people from 13 countries of Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines), the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Belgium registered to attend the conference, including 120 overseas participants; Among them, there are 55 international and 46 Chinese speakers. The conference was hosted by Henan University(HNU), cooperated by Aschoff-Honma Memorial(AHM) Foundation in Japan, Beijing National Institute of Biological Sciences, and China Sleep Research Society.


At the opening ceremony at 8:30 AM on 15th July, on behalf of HNU, Professor Xuelu Wang, vice president of HNU, delivered a speech in English to extend sincere welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the experts and friends who have come from afar and thanked them for their long-term support, help and guidance to HNU. He stressed, HNU, locating in Kaifeng city of the summit of ancient Chinese science and technology. was born with destiny of international culture communication, and inheritance and transition for China’s education between tradition and modernity, and used to be a Chinese national university that enjoyed profound academic strength and worldwide reputation, with faculties in humanities, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and law, and is holding the vision of " Chinese characteristic, World first-class, Inclusive and Dauntless Spirit of Chinese Middle Earth " He fully encourage all of participants to communicate thoroughly, inspire and share mutually, think critically, and be creative and innovative during this conference.


As AFC founder, President of AHM Foundation and professor of Hokkaido University, Mr. Kenichi Honma thanked Henan University’s support for the meeting, welcomed innovative and prominent experts and scholars from all over the world, and encouraged everyone to communicate the latest research of biological rhythms and circadian. Prof. Ying Xu from Soochow University, President of CSBR-CSCB, thanked HNU for their hard work in the preparation of the conference and welcomed scientists from all over the world to participate in the forum and looked forward to sharing the latest research results and active academic communications. The other esteemed attendees of the opening ceremony from HNU include Diretor Binbin Hu of science and technology institute, Director Liqun Mao of international communication and cooperation, Sectrary General Mr. Jianwei Wu of life sciences School, Prof. Gang Wang and Prof. Daojie Wang from School of life sciences, Prof. Guoyong An and Prof. Shutang Zhou, State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, as well as Ms. Chen Shen, secretariat of the Chinese society for cell biology. The opening ceremony was hosted by Prof. Shutang Zhou, Director of State Key Laboratory of Cotton Biology, HNU.


The theme of the 5th Asia Chronobiology Forum is "Chronobiology: Circadian Rhythms and Environmental Adaptation". This forum brought together outstanding scientists in the field of chronobiology from Asia, Europe and North America to discuss the spatiotemporal regulation mechanism and physiological function of the clock oscillator. The forum consists of 7 keynote lectures, 3 Sleep Topics Sessions, 18 sessions of "Seminar Reports" (including 6 special sessions: AHM Foundation session, Japanese Rhythm Society session, youth PI session, HNU’s session on Crop Stress Adaptation and Improvement, HNU’s session on  Animal and Plant’s disease resistance session, international journal of Biological rhythm editor session), and 3 poster and oral presentation sessions. Topics cover timing/entrainment of biological clocks, molecular mechanisms, spatiotemporal coupling of multi-oscillators, clock and differentiation, development, metabolism, sleep disorders, biological/abiotic stress resistance, etc.


7 keynote lectures:

Optogenetics pioneer/ 2013 Greit Lundbeck European Brain Prize winner/ 2016 Massry Prize winner/ 2020 Shaw Prize winner – Prof. Gero Miesenböck, from University of Oxford, UK-“Mechanisms for balancing sleep need and sleep”,

Prof. Takao Kondo from Nagoya University, Japan-“Biological clock regulation in cyanobacteria”,

Prof. Carl Johnson from Vanderbilt University, USA-“Evolution of the body clock”,

Prof. Kenichi Honma from Hokkaido University, Japan-“The core oscillation mechanism of the clock in mice”,

Prof. Depei Liu, Academician of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-“The rhythm and physiological effects of REDOX signals”,

Prof. Yang Dan, Member of the National Academy of Sciences USA/HHMI Fellow, from UC Berkeley, -“Sleep related neural circuits”,

Prof. Luis de Lecea, Member of the National Academy of Sciences, from Stanford University-“The continuity of sleep and the transition from wakefulness”.


The conference adopted a mixed mode of online and offline, and the speaker's oral speech was immediately responded by questions from both on-site and online participants with the instant thorough academic discussion.


The closing ceremony was held at 12:00 PM on 19th July 2021. AFC Founder, Prof. Kenichi Honma, stressed that the forum, has showed the global impact of Asia’s academic community by attracting the scientists all over the world focus on Asian chronobiology research, and was successfully leveled up to an international conference. During this ceremony, Prof. Jinhu Guo, Secretary General of CSBR-CSCB, Sun Yat-sen University, granted the certificates to winners of “Excellent Posters”. Prof. Ningning Wang, Committee member of CSBR-CSCB, the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, granted the certificates to winners of “Excellent Logo Design“ of the 2021 Rhythm Conference. Experts and participants all over the world expressed their appreciations on the topics, operation mode and the organization of the conference.

Group photo of participants at opening ceremony of the conference in Kaifeng

AFC initiator, President of Achoff - Honma Memorial Foundation and professor of Hokkaido university, Mr. Kenichi Honma was delivering a speech

Prof. Ying Xu from Soochow University, President of CSBR-CSCB

Award of “Excellent Posters” at the closing ceremony

Award of “Excellent Logo Design“ Issued at the Closing Ceremony