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2022 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Cell Biology

August 13-17, 2022,Xiamen,China

The 2022 Annual Meeting of Chinese Society for Cell Biology will take place in Xiamen, China on August 13-17, 2022. The purpose of this meeting is to promote efficient scientific exchange and collaboration among scientists in the field of cell biology, further, to synergize the research innovation of cell biology in China and globally.


Nearly 260 researchers and experts will be invited to speak on broad topics and perform various academic exchanges. Meeting programs include plenary session, symposia, special interest subgroup topics, poster viewing and so on. We welcome the participation of all researchers, students and companies.


Date and Venues

Date: August 13-17, 2022

Venues: Xiamen International Conference Center

Address: No.1693, Huandao East Road, Si Ming District, Xiamen, Fujian, China

Scale: 1500-2000 persons


Host: Chinese Society for Cell Biology


Organization Consortium

School of Life Science, Xiamen University

Shanghai Innovative Cell Biology Development Foundation

Conference and Exhibition Department, CSCB


Presidium of the Conference Honorary President: PEI Gang President: CHEN Ye-Guang

Vice-President: LI Chaojun, LI Jingsong, LUO Lingfei, REN Haiyun, SONG Baoliang, ZHANG Xu, ZHOU Qi

Secretary General: YANG Jin


Meeting & Events

  1. 2022 Annual Meeting: Keynote Lectures, Symposia, Special Interest Subgroup Topics, Posters, etc.

  2. Grants & Awards.

  3. Closed-door meetings such as CSCB Board Meeting, Executive Committee Meeting of CSCB’s Subsidiary Societies.

  4. Satellite Meetings.

  5. Special Interest Subgroup Topics: Educational Session, Employment Seminar, Graduate-Student Forum, Meeting the Editors, etc.


Form of Academic Exchange

Academic exchange includes plenary session, symposia, special interest subgroup topics and poster viewing. Some speakers are invited and some speakers are selected from those who submit abstracts.

  1. Plenary session6-8 plenary speakers are invited by CSCB Academic Committee.

2.      Themes of Symposia

S00 ASCB-CSCB-EMBO joint symposiumCell Plasticity and Fine Cyto-architecture

S01/S10 Tumor cell regulation and targeted therapy

S02/S11 Organelle Dynamics

S03 Mechanism for Organ Development, Tissue Homeostasis, and Diseases

S04 Development and function of nervous system 

S05 Circadian rhythmsphysiology and health 

S06 Metabolic Regulation and Cardiovascular Diseases  

S07 Regulations and Functions of the Hippo Pathway  

S08 Nuclear Homeostasis and Cell Fate Regulation

S09 Liver injury and regeneration: from basic to translational research

S12 Chromatin replication and human diseases

S13 Neural Signal Transduction and Disease

S14 Aging and Regeneration

S15 Regulation of Metabolic Homeostasis in Health and Disease

S16 Plant stem cells and organogenesis

S17/25 The crosstalk between psychological stress and the immune system

S18 Chromatin replication and human diseases

S19 Chemical Biology of Cell Plasticity

S20 Frontiers in Spatial Transcriptomics

S21 Aging in the Central Nervous System: Mechanism and Intervention

S22 Precision Cancer Medicine

S23 Emerging Cell Death Pathways and Inflammation

S24 Plant single-cell omics

S26 WLLA SymposiumProtein homeostasis and diseases

Each session has 6 invited speakers and 3-4 selected short talk speakers.

  1. Special Interest Subgroup Topics

    1Educational Session: Cell Cycle Control

    2Graduate-Student Forum

3Employment Seminar

4Women Scientists Forum

5Meeting the Editors

6Fund Application Workshop

  1. Poster

All the abstracts accepted should submit posters, however, abstracts of invited speakers and selected oral speakers are exclusive. Please design your poster according to the poster template. The CSCB will print and paste the poster for you. The poster will be pasted according to the theme you selected. The CSCB will set up a poster viewing time during the meeting (August 15-16 15:00-16:30).


Abstract and Poster Submission RequirementsOnline

  1. The abstract text is limited to 400 words in English or 600 words in Chinese, including spaces. This limit includes the body of the abstract only. When you submit the abstract, you should select a theme to submit. Please don’t submit Picture or Video.

  2. The abstract should be submitted on the meeting website only. If you want to do the poster presentation, please submit both abstract and poster on line. The deadline of abstract and poster submission is January 20, 2022. The abstracts accepted will be printed in the meeting abstracts book. Please pay the registration fee before February 10, 2022, or else, your abstract will not be received.



Please register online:


Registration Rates

Registration Rates

Early Registration

(Before January 20, 2022)

Regular Registration (From January 20 to March 31, 2022)

On-site Registration

CSCB Regular Member

1500 CNY

1800 CNY

2100 CNY

CSCB Student Member

900 CNY

1000 CNY

1100 CNY



2000 CNY

2300 CNY

2600 CNY



1100 CNY

1200 CNY

1300 CNY

Enterprise Registration


3000 CNY

3500 CNY

3500 CNY

Enterprise Registration


3500 CNY

4000 CNY

4000 CNY


    1. Your registration fee depends on the time when you make the payment. If you want to pay the rate of Early Registration, please transfer the whole amount of registration fee to CSCB bank account before January 20, 2022.

    2. We will provide you with electronic edition of abstracts book. Speakers’ abstracts will be collected in the meeting’s APP. If you want to buy the printed edition, please pay for it, 120 CNY for non-member while 100 CNY for member.

    3. Member rates are qualified for those who have paid their membership fee. If members don’t pay their membership fee yet, they could pay it together with their registration fee.

    4. Payment Methods: Online PaymentRecommend, Bank Transfer, On- site Payment. If you choose the method of Bank Transfer, please email the remittance receipt and your individual information to the meeting secretariat by

    5. Cancellation Policy

The organizers will honour requests for refunds if they are in writing and are received by the CSCB no later than February 10. Please note that cancellations are subject to a processing fee of 200 CNY. No refunds will be issued for requests received after February 10. Please send a request for cancellation to

    1. Issue and receive receipts: you will receive your electronic invoice within two weeks after we receive your registration fee by (This email is used to send your electronic invoice. If you have any question, please contact the secretariat by If you want to get the printed one, please apply for it when you register and you will receive it on site.

    2. Payment Methods:

      1. Online Payment:

      2. Bank Transfer (Recommended for USD)

Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China, Shanghai Branch Bank Address: 2109 Xietu Lu, Shanghai 200032, P.R.China Receiver Name: Chinese Society for Cell Biology

Receiver Account (USD): 09361514040007620

Receiver Account (CNY): 3392400040009251  IBAN nr: CHASUS33


Remittance Remarks: 2022 Annual Meeting + Your Name

      1. On-site payment may pay in credit card only.

    1. Group registration: at least 6 persons can register together as a group. The amount of the group registration fee will be 10% off.

    2. If the title of your invoice is the name of an enterprise, please pay by the rate of Enterprise Registration.


Accommodation (Your Own Expense)

Please visit the conference website for hotel reservation


Contact us

Email Address: Phone Number

Registration: 0086-21-64221728

Sponsorships: 0086-21-64221860

Finance: 0086-21-64220196

Hotels: 0086-13381695656, 






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